Edinburgh Printmakers features ‘Kirsty Whiten: Breeder Badlands’

artwork: Kirsty Whiten - "Feral Family", 2011 - Oil and varnish on canvas - 122 x 152 cm. - Courtesy Edinburgh Printmakers. On view  now in "Kirsty Whiten: Breeder Badlands"

Edinburgh, Scotland – Edinburgh Printmakers is pleased to present “Kirsty Whiten: Breeder Badlands” on view now. This engaging solo exhibition by Kirsty Whiten deals with the complexities of the new familial unit and contains both large works on canvas and a new series of stone lithographs commissioned and co-published by Edinburgh Printmakers. Entrance is free. Keenly rendered figures, faces and gestures are examined in detail and placed in an unsettling context. The exhibition showcases a body of work spanning nearly two years, from small-scale drawings, through life size oil and varnish paintings shot through with Day-Glo, to new prints. These are bare and essential images; mothers, fathers and infants in knotted groups, travelling and resting in imagined woodlands and badlands. Stripped of clothes and technology, these families are none the less robustly connected, and surviving.