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Earthquake Effects on Pyramids Documented in a Book

MEXICO CITY.- Besides the loss of human lives, earthquakes and other disasters can damage built heritage of a country, symbol of identity for its inhabitants. A successful case of heritage recovery is described in the book Los monumentos arqueologicos de Monte Alban ante los desastres naturales: el sismo de 1999. (Archaeological Monuments in Monte Alban Facing Natural Disasters: The 1999 Earthquake). Published by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), the book details the way structural problematic of Zapoteca constructions was approached, after the 7.4° (in the Richter scale) earthquake that shook Oaxaca state in September 30th 1999. The experience of the project financed by Fondo de Desastres Naturales, FONDEN (Natural Disasters Fund) is narrated in the publication. An interdisciplinary team was integrated, which established regulations to give the best treatment to affected monuments. Today, buildings are closely monitored with special equipment donated