Drawings and Sketches that Reflect Mexico’s Independence Period Published


MEXICO CITY.- The artistic collection of the colonel and draughtsman Theubet de Beauchamp that shows costumbrista scenes of Mexican society between 1810 and 1827, as well as important moments of the Independence, such as the coronation of Iturbide as the first emperor of Mexico, was recovered by historian Sonia Lombardo de Ruiz and published in the book Trajes y vistas de México en la mirada de Theubet de Beauchamp (Garments and Views of Mexico as seen by Theubet de Beauchamp). The series of watercolors and drawings created by the Swiss artist nearly 200 years ago was discovered by a National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) researcher during a visit to the Biblioteca del Palacio Real de España (Spain Royal Library) during a visit in 2007. Published by INAH and the Spanish editorial Turner, the book contains 153 watercolors and drawings, as