Drawings and a New Sculpture by Rachel Whiteread at Gagosian in London


LONDON.- Gagosian Gallery presents drawings and a new sculpture by Rachel Whiteread. This is the latest in a new series of sculptures for outdoor spaces in which Whiteread has substituted robust materials such as stone and concrete for the more fragile plaster, rubber, and resin of many of her best-known works. It comprises five approximately cubic forms of varying size and surface texture, arranged in a straight line. Small linear cutouts disrupt the otherwise smooth surface of each cube. Given that the work is intended for an outdoor space, changing light and shadow becomes another implicit and highly subjective dimension in the work. Two such commissions have been completed to date – in Stockholm, Sweden, and Dallas, Texas – and in subsequent works Whiteread is continuing to develop and refine her forms and use of media. Using various materials to articulate the negative space surrounding or contained by objects,