Dramatic Painting Capturing World War Two Horrors Acquired for Ben Uri


LONDON.- London’s Ben Uri Gallery has announced that it has bought a dramatic watercolour by distinguished German artist George Grosz. The painting captures the horrors of the Second World War. George Grosz (1893 –1959) is renowned for challenging the politically corrupt regime and the decadence in Germany in the 1920’s and early thirties through his sardonic and cutting satirical compositions. He was a modern day pioneer of using almost graffiti like illustrations to challenge decadence and the establishment. Even though not Jewish Grosz correctly feared for his life and fled Nazi Germany in 1933 and soon after his arrival in New York his work was declared ‘degenerate’ in Germany. Interrogation (1936-38) was purchased for £37,000 for the Gallery with help from membership charity the Art Fund, which gave £20,000, along with support