Dorit Margreiter: Description Opens at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia


MADRID.- For Dorit Margreiter questions pertaining to the preservation or, conversely, the destruction of late Modernist architecture provide the occasion for probing larger issues shaping our contemporary socio-cultural context. Comprised of a carefully calibrated selection of works made over the past seven years, Description, her first major survey show, highlights an abiding preoccupation. Four installations involving projected film are accompanied by ancillary related works. A nexus of interrelated pieces titled zentrum, (2004 and ongoing), is located like a hinge at the juncture of the exhibition’s two principal axes. Tellingly, zentrum has also provided the point of departure for the quartet of new works dispersed throughout the galleries. Monumental metal mobiles, these sculptures reference text-based works installed in adjacent spaces in that they, too, are comprised of letters from an alphabet created by the artist; when they are considered as moving images, howeve