DogCatMouse at the Kunsthaus Zürich. Exhibition and Summer Workshop


ZURICH.- From 1 April to 31 July 2011 everything is going to be beastly good fun at the Kunsthaus! For a long time, animals were a fixture of human life, and played a central role in art as well. Indeed, animals are considered one of the very first subjects of visual representation. Now, one hundred paintings, sculptures, photographs and videos from the Kunsthaus collection have been assembled into an exhibition, while a summer workshop invites visitors to participate in studio sessions, guided tours and excursions organized by the Kunsthaus and held in collaboration with the Zurich Zoo, the Museum Rietberg and other institutions. The holdings of the Kunsthaus Zürich include several hundred images of animals. Curator Sibyl Kraft and Art Education head Hans Ruedi Weber have selected one hundred feathered, furred or scaly subjects