Discovering Paris and the Language of Love in Woody Allen’s Movie "Midnight in Paris"


PARIS (AP).- “Parlez-moi d’amour.” Speak to me of love. This is Paris and the language is love — crazy love — amid the creative folly of a city whose ethereal beauty and bawdy underside spell magic. Spend a day, and a de rigueur night, here and you can walk hand-in-hand with Woody Allen through the City of Light he portrays in “Midnight in Paris,” his sweet and zany valentine to the French capital. Amble down the 21st-century streets of this walking city, and like Allen’s leading character, Gil (played by Owen Wilson), you could be swept into the past, with the iconic 1930s tune that haunts the movie whispering “Speak to me of love” in your ear. In Allen’s Paris, there is no place for rude taxi drivers or haughty waiters. “I wanted to show the city emotionally, the way I felt about it,” Allen said during a news conference last month in Cannes, where “Midnight in Paris” opened this year’s film festival. “It didn’t matter to me how real it was or what it reflected.” It w