Dirty Pictures Exhibition by Nathaniel Ward and Timothy Bergstrom at the HungryMan Gallery


SAN FRANCISCO, CA.- HungryMan Gallery presents the exhibition, Dirty Pictures featuring the work of Chicago based painter Timothy Bergstrom and New York based photographer Nathaniel Ward. The “dirty picture” is one that is impure and incites lust. It challenges conventionality and creates something desirable outside the boundaries of what is acceptable. Dirty Pictures explores what happens when an artist challenges the conventional forms of his practice. Both Bergstrom and Ward do this by exploring the spacial nature of surface. Bergstrom’s practice revolves around the use of materials to blur the intention of his paintings. Layers of glue or plexiglass are used to create distance in his paintings, sometimes hiding unreadable text within a pastiche of color and texture. Ward, on the other hand, uses large format images to transform the flat quality of photography into works more referential of painting. Thi