Diego Rivera Created the Mexican Revolution Plastic Myth


MEXICO CITY.- Diego Rivera was the creator of the Mexican Revolution plastic myth, parting from adaptation of some biblical scenes already painted during Italian Renaissance declared historian Salvador Rueda Smithers, remarking this was the way the artist used to divulgate Mexican History around the world, mainly Zapatism. The tenths of mural paintings captured I different precincts were the way the artist born in Guanajuato decided to use to wave national story with original myths and religious pictorial lexicon to reach people raised in the Christian tradition and explain them the influence of the Revolution, declared the specialist at the Permanent Seminar on Iconography that takes place at El Carmen Museum. At the academic forum organized by the The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) the director of the National Museum of History “Castillo de Chapultepec” mentioned that Rivera did not want to r