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Diana Thater’s Peonies, a nine-monitor videowall, on view at the Wexner Center

COLUMBUS, OH.- Diana Thater’s Peonies, a nine-monitor videowall, is now on view through December 30 in the Wexner Center’s lower lobby. Quietly panning over pink and yellow peony blooms, the video initially appears to be a straightforward account of several flowers scattered across a watery surface. But as in most of Thater’s video projects, the technical aspects of Peonies and the artist’s investigations of duration and figure/ground relationships are as compelling as the work’s visual and aesthetic elements. Running nearly six minutes, Peonies was shot on two full rolls of 16mm film, but it is screened on a Blu-ray disc, inviting viewers to consider how representations of color differ in analogue and digital technology. Filmed up close, the blooms transform into abstracted washes of almost psychedelic color, morphing from one image to the next. The blooms become less tangible as physical objects and function instead as a field on which explorations of