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Detectives Seek Thieves Who Swiped Rembrandt Sketch from Lobby of a Seaside Hotel

MARINA DEL REY, CA (AP).- A Rembrandt sketch swiped from the lobby of a seaside hotel and found in a San Fernando Valley church is locked away as investigators worked to find the thieves who snatched the 350-year-old artwork. Investigators had several leads, were reviewing hotel surveillance video and were working on a sketch of the suspects, said Los Angeles County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore. The 11-by-6-inch pen-and-ink drawing worth $250,000 was found in an unlocked public area of an Encino church Monday evening after a caller recognized it from news accounts of its weekend theft, said Whitmore. It was snatched from an easel Saturday during a private art display inside a high-end hotel lobby. The drawing was verified as being the stolen piece early