Desiree Holman’s Heterotopias at Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive


KRISTIANSAND.- Desirée Holman’s second solo museum show features a new video that combines live action and 3-D digital animation, paired with a series of sixteen drawings that visualize the process of gamers embodying their avatars. The exhibition connects with two other recent Holman projects—The Magic Window (2007), an ecstatic mash-up of iconic TV sitcoms, and Reborn (2009), which takes inspiration from “reborner” culture, wherein women adopt toy dolls as their true children—to form a trilogy that interrogates the human tendency to engage in fictional narratives. For Heterotopias, each of the nine participants developed a fantasy character that Holman realized through physical costumes and drawings but also digitally with fully rendered 3-D models. The characters that Holman’s performers invented conflate popular archetypes found in media culture and in fantasy role-playing games as an