Derek Eller Gallery Opens Shows by Adam Marnie and Tom Thayer, and Ruby Sky Stiler


NEW YORK, NY.- Derek Eller Gallery presents Adam Marnie and Tom Thayer in the Main Gallery and Ruby Sky Stiler in the North Room. In a sequence of intimate photo collages and a large-scale wall installation, Adam Marnie uses flowers as flexible signifiers within an array of conversations. They connect to art history (from Dutch still-life to Mapplethorpe), as well as having everyday uses (weddings, funerals), and common thematic embodiments (sex, death, beauty, the passage of time). Marnie takes this familiar subject (a humble vase of flowers photographed in his studio) and makes it the starting point for a series of performative actions: meticulous cutting, re-configuring, and gluing. And in the case of the wall installation, these actions become even more exaggerated, as he cuts into the sheetrock, removing large sections and bringing the wall into