Denise Grünstein Exhibits Four Series of Photographs at Kiasma


Photographer Denise Grünstein emphasizes the significance of the location in the large colour photograph works of the Figure in Landscape series. The landscape sets the stage for stories with no beginning and no end. - Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Central Art Archives.

first extensive Finnish
exhibition by Denise Grünstein (b. 1950), one of the best known Swedish
photographic artists, showcases approximately 40 large works of
photographic art
and one video installation. The
show exhibits four series of photographs, offering a cross-section of
Grünstein’s work in the 2000s. She finds the subject matter that is used
her personal experiences, memories, and roots. The lyrical, atmospheric
photographs have a strong relationship with art history, romantic
painting, and
surrealistic photography. The artist works with traditional film and
uses an
analogue large format view camera. She emphasizes stage-like, artificial

ambiance in her photographs.