Delaware Art Museum Showcases ~ "The Life and Work of Katharine Pyle"

artwork: Katharine Pyle - “He knocked against a tin pan that clattered down with a tremendous din”, 1920  - From Three Little Kittens by Katharine Pyle (New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1920) - Graphite, ink, & gouache on illustration board - 20 x 16.2 cm. - Lent by David and Sarah Wyeth. on view at the Delaware Art Museum in "Tales of Folk and Fairies: The Life and Work of Katharine Pyle" from February 18th until September 9th.

Wilmington, Delaware.- The Delaware Art Museum is pleased to present “Tales of Folk and Fairies: The Life and Work of Katharine Pyle”, on view from February 18th through September 9th. Katharine Pyle (1863 – 1938), younger sister to famed American illustrator and author Howard Pyle, spent much of her career in her older brother’s shadow. Although she worked for a time in her brother’s Howard’s Wilmington studio, and even took his classes at the Drexel Institute, Katharine developed a unique style all her own, and eventually emerged as one of Delaware’s most prolific women authors and illustrators. “Tales of Folk and Fairies” reintroduces 71 of Katharine’s books and illustrations to present-day audiences.