Definitive Collection of Collage Series by Mark Bradford Published in New Book


NEW YORK, NY.- Since 2006, acclaimed Los Angeles artist Mark Bradford has been erasing, obscuring and reconfiguring the text and graphics of advertising posters he collects from the South Central neighborhood where he was raised. His Merchant Poster series reveals narratives of economic struggle and cultural discord as they are telegraphed by the street advertisements of an underground economy. The signs themselves are ubiquitous in LA, printed ad hoc and pasted or stapled onto whatever surfaces are in reach: walls, telephone poles, the windows and doors of abandoned storefronts. The services they advertise speak to the needs of the people who pass by them every day, with offers to “create a new credit profile,” fight divorce and custody battles, test paternity, or make health insurance affordable. And as the needs of the people change, so do these appeals to those in desperation. Bradford elaborates the traces of this ghost economy to draw out the economic, political