DeCordova’s Sixth Exhibition in the Platform Series Features Work by Barbara Gallucci


LINCOLN, MA.- DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum presents the installation of Barbara Gallucci’s Utopiary Terrace, the sixth exhibition of the PLATFORM series, on display through April 24, 2011. In her functional installation, the New York and Boston-based sculptor redesigned the Museum’s 3rd floor lobby with her “topia” beanbag chairs and cork-covered terrace. Referencing manicured lawns and the designed landscape, the installation reflects Gallucci’s long-standing interest in iconic mid-century modern furniture design and the role of nature in contemporary culture. Installed in a glass-enclosed area of the museum, Gallucci’s Utopiary Terrace addresses deCordova’s site as an indoor and outdoor venue for contemporary art. Utopiary Terrace is a site-specific installation using over-scaled beanbag chairs covered in “grassy” shag chenille that is installed in the 3rd Floor Lobby on