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Deals, Shapes and Void by Miguel Ángel Gaüeca at Artium

VITORIA-GASTEIZ.- Deals, Shapes and Void gathers together some of the artistic work created by Miguel Ángel Gaüeca (Gatica, 1967) during the last eight years. The exhibition begins with a series of photographs randomly arranged on packing boxes, the aim of which is to introduce us to the work of this creator in a personal manner. Once this threshold has been crossed, we come to the main installation, around which the exhibition is structured and from which it takes its title. The work comprises a huge cube positioned in the centre of the hall. Projected on each of the four sides of the hall is a series of images, inviting us to draw connections between the different realms of the artist’s life. These links are not intended to be autobiographical, but rather a development based on the construction of the contemporary subject.