DC Moore Gallery Presents Transformations: Wood Sculpture by Mary Frank


NEW YORK, NY.- DC Moore’s new exhibition of Mary Frank’s work, Transformations: Wood Sculpture, 1957-1967 and Recent Photographs, features her dynamic wood sculptures, direct carvings from the 1950s and 60s that marked her emergence as one of the most innovative artists on the New York art scene. The exhibition also presents drawings from the same time, vibrant figures that both complement her sculpture and expand the range of her explorations of space, motion, and the rhythms of the human body. This is the first exhibition of these seminal works since they were originally shown over forty years ago. On view from May 5 through June 4, 2011. Most recently, Mary has been working with photography to create expressive images of installations that she makes in her studio by combining components of her sculptures and paintings with natural elements. The inclusion of photographs in the current exhibition