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Daylight Architect, James Carpenter, Honored With EUR100,000 Award

COPENHAGEN.- James Carpenter, the New York-based architect, sculptor and designer of daylight, is this year’s recipient of the VILLUM and VELUX FOUNDATION’S Daylight and Building Component Award. Carpenter played an important role in the design of 7 WTC, the first building to rise at Ground Zero since the attacks of September 11, 2001. Carpenter, 59, will receive the award and a grant of EUR100,000 at a ceremony on March 2, 2010, in Hoersholm, a suburb of Copenhagen. The award, which includes one of the largest monetary grants of its kind, honors Carpenter for his lifelong design work in enhancing the urban environment with daylight and other natural phenomena. “James Carpenter is one of the few who clearly strives for a link between the measurable and the immeasurable, nature and architecture,” says Bjarne Thomsen, Chairman for the award committee. “In this manner his works serve as inspiration for many as they introduce strokes of new direction, content and clear technological