David McGee’s Ready Made Africans on View at the Menil Collection


HOUSTON, TX.- Ready Made Africans, a 2006 portfolio of lithographs by Houston-based artist David McGee (b. 1962), is now on view in the Menil Collection’s Surrealism galleries. Produced by the artist at San Antonio’s Hare and Hound Press, the portfolio is composed of five portraits of Hip Hop performers, including 50 Cent, Notorious B.I.G., a.k.a. Biggie Smalls, and Ghostface Killah. The name of a prominent Dada figure is emblazoned across the bottom of each sheet: Hugo Ball, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Kurt Schwitters, and Tristan Tzara. “These prints,” said McGee, “reflect my belief that the theories and principles of Dada are similar to those that dictate the theories of American-born Hip Hop, an African-American form of music whose influence crosses racial divides. These prints cross-pollinate word and image, blurring the line between Hip Hop and Dada identities.” Sometimes called “anti-art,