David Bomberg Drawings Acquired by Ben Uri Gallery with Help from the Art Fund


LONDON.- Three captivating drawings by acclaimed British artist David Bomberg are to go on display on Wednesday 8 December at the Ben Uri Gallery, The London Jewish Museum of Art. The three drawings are entitled The Family, Ghetto Theatre; Ghetto Theatre and Sappers under Hill 60. They were bought by the Ben Uri Gallery at Christie’s in July this summer with help from the Art Fund, the national fundraising charity for works of art. The works cost a total of £7,115 and the Art Fund contributed £3,803 towards their purchase. This is the first time they are to be on show at the Gallery. Ghetto Theatre and The Family, Ghetto theatre (both 1919) are powerful, figurative works depicting a joyless East End Jewish theatre audience. The heavy dark lines and compressed spaces suggest the despair and desolation that the artist must have felt after the horrors of the First World