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Darren Almond Debuts Six-Screen High-Definition Video at Matthew Marks Gallery

NEW YORK, NY.- Matthew Marks Gallery presents the exhibition Darren Almond: Sometimes Still at 523 West 24th Street. The exhibition marks the debut of a six-screen high-definition video Almond photographed near Kyoto, Japan, over the past several years. Three new photographs made in the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda will also be on view in the gallery at 526 West 22nd Street. In Sometimes Still Darren Almond follows a Tendai monk as he engages with the Buddhist process of Kaihogyo, the feat of physical and mental endurance by which these monks attempt to reach a state of Buddhahood. The goal of Kaihogyo is to discover ultimate truth and fulfillment by facing death and being reminded of one’s own mortality. Sometimes Still takes the form of six separate high definition screens. Five of the screens show a novice monk going through aspects of the Kaihogyo ritual, and the sixth screen shows a monk who