Daniel Hesidence’s Work Occupies the Entire Gallery Space at D’Amelio Terras


NEW YORK, NY.- D’Amelio Terras presents Autumn Buffalo, its first solo exhibition of work by Daniel Hesidence. This exhibition marks the first time work by a single artist has occupied the entire gallery space, including both the main gallery and the Front Room. The Autumn Buffalo series, conceived as a symphonic suite with a succession of calm and fast movements, has a scale and pictorial bravura that immediately sets it apart. Hesidence’s work does not rely on nostalgia, visual culture, nor pay ironic tribute to artists of admiration. Rather, Hesidence locates information through a concentrated process of creation, forming an elusive space that takes the viewer beyond a definable language. Like the highly improvisational and gestural European “Art Informel,” his paintings are uncompromising, wild, and aggressive. Often evocative of moods both dark and elated in the same canvas, they are past descri