Daniel Buren Creates an Impressive Mirror-Installation for "Synagoge Stommel


PULHEIM-STOMMELN.- On August 29, Daniel Buren will open the latest edition of the Stommeln art projects with his oeuvre “Multiplications, Work in Situ for a Synagogue.” The subtitle “in situ” – on site – which Buren bestows on virtually all of his artwork, is simultaneously the defining characteristic of his approach:The works are created on location, yet above all they draw attention to the location more so than to any particular aspect of the artist’s handwriting.The artist reduces his language of forms to the neutral uniformity of vertical stripes 8.7 cm (about 3.5 in) wide, which he has used since the mid-1960s to cover any painting surface – billboards, canvas or walls. Foregoing the use of an image motif, Buren liberates painting form the need to represent or depict something or to serve any kind of external purpose or content.Not least, the artist also subordinates himself to the subject of his artistic inquiry.Instead, his stripes