Damián Ortega Finds Inspiration in a Newspaper to Create Barbican Art Gallery’s Latest Exhibition


LONDON.- Over the period of a month leading up to the exhibition opening, acclaimed Mexican artist Damián Ortega worked in The Curve creating new works on a regular basis in response to aspects of the daily news. Each day he took inspiration from a newspaper. This could be a news item, a photographic story or graphics selected from local, national or international press which he translated into a physical interpretation be it a sculpture, installation, proposition or prototype for a future project. The exhibition opened on 15 October. By nature the news is a fast paced, ever changing medium which is produced and consumed on a daily basis. News journalists respond to a story with an immediacy that is essential to represent the current moment. This is a very different process to most visual artists who often take months generating their ideas. For this month-long period Ortega adopts an unusual artistic approach by responding, day-by-day to the news. His playfully intelligent prac