Curators of Mickey Mouse Jesus Exhibition On Trial in Russia


Russian born but New York based artist Alexander Kosolapov.  His work is based on merging the stereotypes of the American and the Russian mass-culture creating a new mythology by mixing  mickey mouse, Jesus and Stalin into common signs and sculpted art.

San Francisco –
Andrei Yerofeyev and Yury Samodurov, two Russian curators, who organized
a show
called “Forbidden Art 2006,” are facing possible three-year jail
sentences for
offending the religious beliefs of the Russian Orthodox community, which
against the law in their country. The decision from the court will come
down on
July 12. The exhibit, which featured a Mickey Mouse Jesus, a Coca-Cola
with the slogan “this is my blood,” and a crucified savior with an Order
Lenin medal in place of his head, pissed off the Russian Orthodox
community —
which then pressured the government to prosecute them.