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Cuban & Spanish Architects Ask that All Havana Architecture be Saved

Paseo de Prado from Parque Central in Havana, Cuba, 2007 - Photo by SchneiderSvan

BARCELONA (EFE).- Cuban and Spanish architects in
Barcelona expressed the need to save both the colonial and modern architecture
of Havana and not focus entirely on the old colonial district.

Under the title “Arquitecturas de Ida y Vuelta” (Architectures on a
Round Trip), the Catalonia College of Architects organized between Dec. 10-13
the 33rd edition of its International Architectural Heritage Days.

During the event, Spanish architect Rafael Moneo was to unveil the remodeling of
the Hotel Packard in Havana’s Paseo del Prado, where celebrities like Marlon
Brando and Ruben Dario stayed in the 1950s.