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Creative Time Announces 6 Artists to Travel the World to Explore Burning Questions

NEW YORK, NY.- Creative Time announced The Creative Time Global Residency Program, an initiative that offers 6 artists an unprecedented opportunity to travel to specific regions in the world and investigate social issues by immersing themselves in communities abroad. Through a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation’s New York City Cultural Innovation Fund, Maya Lin, Walid Raad, Emily Jacir, Judi Werthein, Sanford Biggers, and K8 Hardy have each been awarded global residencies, allowing each artist to take the time to investigate a burning question they have about our world, without the demands of producing a project. In an increasingly globalized art world, artists travel more and more frequently to produce work in far-flung locales. But it is rare for artists to be afforded time specifically to connect with the places they travel to, or have meaningful interactions with local communities. Creative Time reinvents the ty