Corrugated Fountain: A New Sculptural Installation by James Grashow at Allan Stone Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- The Allan Stone Gallery presents Corrugated Fountain a new sculptural installation by James Grashow, on view through April 23, 2011. Grashow’s epic sculpture recalls the Trevi fountain in Rome. Steeped in classical mythology, the room-sized installation is complete with a mammoth sculpture of Neptune, Tritons, rocks, waves, fish and dolphins. An homage to the achievements of classical and baroque artistry, Grashow uses his signature cardboard material to breath playful new light into old stone. Perhaps his most ambitious project yet, Corrugated Fountain took the artist 3 years to complete. According to the artist, “Corrugated board is a material that understands its mortality, it knows that it’s destined for trash. It is bonded to the human experience. They say that 85% of everything on the planet has spent part of its life in a cardboard box. Corrugated board and us have a shared destin