Comprehensive Survey of Women as Protagonists at Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza


MADRID.- The Museo Thyssen‐Bornemisza and Fundación Caja Madrid present Heroines, a comprehensive survey of the depiction of women as the protagonists of key roles and as manifestations of the gender identity crisis in western art. The exhibition, on view until 5 June 2011, focuses on strong women: active, independent, defiant, inspired, creative, dominating and triumphant. These female figures are notably different to the seductive, complacent, defeated or enslaved ones that acted out the submissive and passive models traditionally associated with two prevailing and associated stereotypes: motherhood and the erotic object. To employ a key term in feminist discourse from the last two decades, this exhibition focuses on images that have the potential to be sources of empowerment for women themselves. From Greek mythology to the subversive images of conte