Comprehensive Presentation of the Makart Phenomenon at the Belvedere in Vienna


VIENNA.- Like no other artist of the nineteenth century, the “artist prince” Hans Makart left his stamp on a time whose symbol he rose to become, and which went down in the annals of history as the “Makart era”. The Belvedere and the Wien Museum are devoting two exhibitions to this exceptional artist of the Vienna Ringstrasse period in a comprehensive presentation of the Makart phenomenon – Makart: Painter of the Senses (Lower Belvedere) and Makart: A Painter Rules the City (Wien Museum in the Künstlerhaus). The focal point of the Belvedere show are Hans Makart’s paintings, whose significance for modern art is being examined in an international context for the first time. The exhibition at the Wien Museum is dedicated to the highly varied relationship between artist, city, and society. Summoned to Vienna as a young talent by the imperial family, Makart, despite a lack of public commissions, was