"Combinations Described" by Bruce Nauman on view at Donald Young Gallery


CHICAGO, IL.- Donald Young Gallery presents an exhibition of new work by Bruce Nauman. Spanning a wide range of media, Naumanʼs work often challenges conventional perceptions of body and space. Comprised of a video installation and four new drawings, Combinations Described (Chicago) presents an exploration of human behavior informed by reoccurring themes from Nauman’s practice. The installation consists of a single looped projection of the artistʼs hands, roughly one and a half times life-size, situated against white and black backgrounds as he performs a systematic set of finger movements. What might appear as random motions, is the artistʼs deliberate exercise in mental process and physical reaction as he responds to his own pre-recorded verbal instructions: “right hand, first finger, right hand third finger, right hand thumb” and so on. All possible finger combinations are explored in the video