Collage Paintings from the 1960’s by Larry Zox at Stephen Haller Gallery

artwork: Larry Zox - Untitled, c. 1993 Acrylic on Arches Paper 60 x 40 inches - Courtesy of Stephen Haller Gallery, NY

NEW YORK, NY.- Larry Zox: Collage Paintings includes rare early collage works, including Banner, a seminal work from the late artist’s personal collection. Represented in nearly every major museum in the country, Larry Zox achieved art world prominence in 1973 as the subject of a major solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art. In the catalogue to that exhibition curator James Monte writes that these earliest collage works are “extremely graphic and take advantage of spatial jumps alternately back into an illusionary picture plane and forward into the viewer’s space.” On view from June 30 – August 5 at the Stephen Haller Gallery in New York City.