Colin Snapp’s "Continental Drift" opens at The Journal Gallery


BROOKLYN, NY.- The Journal Gallery presents “Continental Drift,” an exhibition of new work by Colin Snapp. Shot during the artist’s recent travels through southern Morocco, the video and enlarged video stills in “Continental Drift” explore the theme of tourism and its relationship to the natural landscape. Filmed entirely through the windows of tour buses, trains, taxis and rental cars, the video Leica Toll acts to highlight moments of collision between the observer and his cultural restrictions. The soundtrack consists of a series of field recordings the artist took while in the Sahara. Synthesized from such disparate sources as insects, prayer calls and a butane torch, the recordings at times seem to be a natural soundtrack to the video while at other points the audio and visual are dissonant. This disconnect creates a record of, and even a nostalgia for, an invented moment.