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Claude Rutault ‘Ponctualite’ at Galerie Guy Ledune

BRUSSELS.- Through June 26, 2010, the Gallery Guy Ledune/Black Box shows the last work of the French artist Claude Rutault. This exceptional exhibition for several reasons includes the actualization of the definitions/methods in new postures and associations: • d/m n° 7, dépendances et indépendances limites 4, from 1974, presents two actualizations face à face d/m 42 and 43 from 1976; one in its literal version, the other interpreting its presentation with the d/m 254 from 1994, toiles contres le mur, • d/m n°21, figures, from 1975, accompanied by a subtitle… ces toiles qui traversent… associates the d/m 1bis, repeindre, from 1997, the d/m 95 suite et ensuite, from 1978 and the d/m 264 promenades, from 1995, • or the juxtaposition of the first d/m in 1973, fabrique à l’unité, the last in 1997, the d/m 274, ce qu’il ne faut plus faire, and will be held on the two stages of space (600m2). Th