Chrysler Museum Reveals Portrait of America through Photography


NORFOLK, VA.- The Chrysler Museum of Art presents Portraying a Nation: American Portrait Photography, 1850–2010, which is on view through March 27, 2011 in the Frank Photography Galleries. From the rise of the daguerreotype in the 1840s to the digital imagery of today, photography has played a crucial role in capturing and defining who we are as Americans. Drawn from the Chrysler’s extensive photography collection, Portraying a Nation presents more than 100 portraits by American photographers. Affordably priced, easy to produce, and available to virtually everyone, portrait photography ranks among the most popular media. In the Chrysler’s exhibition, four thematic sections—“Friends and Family,” “I Am What I Do,” “My Message is My Meaning,” and “Joiners and Loners”—celebrate the vitality and diversity of those who define themselves as Americans.