Christie’s New York to Present Over 200 Lots for the Spring Sale of Antiquities in June


NEW YORK, NY.- Christie’s announces the sale of Antiquities on June 9, which will offer over 200 lots with a magnificent selection of Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Near Eastern works of art. Leading the sale is the de Clercq Pan and Hermaphrodite, a Roman marble group that depicts a struggle between the goat-legged god Pan and Hermaphrodite, who is portrayed with a sensuous female body but with the addition of male genitalia. The group was sculpted during the early Roman Imperial period, circa 1st century A.D., but is based on an original from the mid-2nd century B.C., when illustrations of the struggles between bestial forces and a nymph or Hermaphrodite were immensely popular. In the Roman Period, such sculptural groups were usually displayed in the gardens of wealthy Romans, where the bestial nature of the groups contrasts with the well-ordered layout and plantings of the garden. Viewers would have been able to