Christian Voigt ‘Voyages’ At The Manny Silverman Gallery in West Hollywood

artwork: Christian Voigt - "Beauty Salon (Siem-Reap-Cambodia)", 70 3/4" x 51", edition 1/5. - Image courtesy of © the artist. Christian Voights photographs from his extensive journeys through Cambodia, China, Egypt, Bhutan, Dubai and Bali are exhibited under the title "Voyages" from April 3rd to May 1st, 2011 at Karl Hutter Fine Art in Beverley Hills, CA.

Beverley Hills, CA.- Karl Hutter Fine Art is pleased to present, in association with Manny Silverman Gallery, the latest works of German photographer Christian Voigt, which will be on exhibit from April 3rd to May 1st, 2011 at the Manny Silverman Gallery in West Hollywood. Christian Voigt is rapidly gaining attention from galleries and art lovers around the world, and his photographs will be exhibited in cities including St.Tropez, New York, Stockholm and Hamburg throughout 2011. The exhibition, entitled “Voyages”, will show large scale photographs taken during Voigt´s extensive journeys through Cambodia, China, Egypt, Bhutan, Dubai and Bali. Christian Voigt´s fine art photos comprise landscape, architecture, cityscapes and portraits. Unique in his approach of producing large-scale (60″ x 120″) works, Christian Voigt´s photos truly achieve museum quality. His extraordinary photographs are strictly limited to editions of five. Characterized by depth, intensity and richness of detail, they showcase outstanding interior and exterior locations.

For this German photographer taking pictures is his purpose in life and the ideal artistic medium of expressing himself. His fine art photos are characterized by depth, intensity and richness of detail. His photos resemble pieces of art, even paintings. They are composed with precision and style, in the eyes of the viewer, colour, light and subject melt into one fantastic composition. Life originally had something else in store for Christian Voigt. Although the son of a dynasty of publishers, he was only given his first “proper“ camera at the age of 17. However, photography had always played a role in his life before then. “Animated by my father, I started taking pictures at a very young age“, he says. “There were always cameras around at home. Photos were being taken all the time. For my father, the publisher, photography was more than a hobby, more like a passion. I virtually breathed in photography through my father.“ In his twenties, he wanted to let his creativity run free. University in Berlin, film studies in Vancouver, Canada. “After completing my film studies, I made, wrote and directed films. All of that was suddenly over when my father passed away.“ That was in 1988. That same year also saw the death of Voigt’s beloved grandmother Isolde. She, too, had been an enthusiastic photographer who always had her Leica and Roleiflex with her and was always taking pictures. It was these two strokes of fate within one year that changed the life of the prospective artist. A crucial experience for Voigt. “Following the early death of my father, I joined the publishing company – at 28 years of age. That changed my life and therefore also the creativity.“ And his longing to become a photographer’s assistant and later a photographer himself receded into the distance.

artwork: Christian Voigt, "Bhutan-Chele La Pass No. 798", 2010 - 245 x 123 cm. © the artist. Image courtesy of  Karl Hutter Fine Art in Beverley Hills, CA.

For twenty years, Christian Voigt, representing the fourth generation, managed his parents’ publishing company, until it was sold in January of 2007. However, photography never ceased to be an important element of the artist’s life. It had become a passion a long time ago, just like it had for his father and grandmother. Christian Voigt continued the family tradition of taking a camera on his travels. He gradually became more familiar with the world of photography, tried different techniques, refined and developed his skills. Until the desire to turn the passion into a profession became overwhelming and creativity once again took centre stage in Christian Voigt’s life. “At some stage, I simply allowed myself to live my dream“, says Christian Voigt. “I was the fourth generation of a family of publishers, I was not required to set up my own business, but simply had to take over. I was lucky and it was luxury, but it was not what I had in mind. My motivation was to do my own thing, to develop something, to use my hands to establish something. Visit Christian Voigt’s website at …

Manny Silverman, a native of Los Angeles, has been an active participant in the Los Angeles art scene for over forty years, beginning his career as an assistant at the Ernest Raboff Gallery in the early 1960s. During the 1970s, Silverman established a successful art framing business but his heart remained in dealing. With the encouragement of his good friend Sam Francis, Silverman opened his gallery in 1987 on historic La Cienega Boulevard and relocated to its present West Hollywood location in 1993. The gallery became a member of the prestigious Art Dealer Association of America in 1994. Visit the gallery’s website at …

artwork: Christian Voigt, "Philae Temple (Aswan, Egypt)",  98 1/2" x 43 3/4", edition 3/5. © the artist. Image courtesy of Karl Hutter Fine Art in Beverley Hills, CA.

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