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Christian Schwarzwald and Ethan Breckenridge at Derek Eller Gallery

NEW YORK, NY.- Derek Eller Gallery presents a site-specific drawing installation by Christian Schwarzwald entitled “Boxed”. Consisting of a series of large works on paper which are mounted on partially painted gallery walls, “Boxed” challenges the viewer’s experience of pictorial space. As two-dimensional drawings interact with the three-dimensional room, the installation becomes sculptural. This quality is further enhanced by Schwarzwald’s repeated use of the box form which functions both as a space-defining device and as a kind of presentation vitrine for the drawings within. The majority of the works are done in charcoal and depict scenery which hovers somewhere between abstraction and figuration. Yet interspersed throughout are several images of rope structures, meticulously drawn in graphite and acrylic, and serving to remind us of the installation’s architectural space both