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Christian Hellmich Returns to New York for Second Solo Exhibition at Lehmann Maupin

NEW YORK, NY.- Returning for his second solo exhibition in New York, Lehmann Maupin present a group of new works by German artist, Christian Hellmich. Since his 2006 show, “Arrangement,” a group of paintings depicting interiors, exteriors and arrangements of architectural perceptions all emphasizing form, texture, and geometry, Hellmich has endeavored to further explore the roles of painting and architecture within the context of his unique process. This exploration is conveyed in his exhibition titled, “The Array/Transfer- Domino,” at the gallery’s Chelsea location. As Hellmich’s previous works depict definitions between an interior and an exterior, viewers will find in this second exhibition a broadening of these definitions. The role of architecture remains a focal point of Hellmich’s subject matter, though a myriad of topics and imagery flow throughout the works. Hellmich’s new works reveal a certain