Christian Haake’s First Institutional Solo Exhibition Opens at the GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst


BREMEN.- How do we construct reality? What role do individual and collective memories play in its formation? To what extent can reality and memory be rendered in imagery? These questions are central to Christian Haake’s artistic practice. Christian Haake (born 1969 in Bremerhaven, lives in Bremen) constructs memories. Transforming his memories and mental images into precisely detailed objects and installations, Haake’s productions tap into our collective memory, shaping a new image of reality in the process. His concern lies not with the verisimilitude of his works, but with their divergence and the fracture which separates reality, perception and mental image. The rich poetic potential of his works is directed not towards the affirmation of memory, but towards its subtle destabilization. Haake’s work foregrounds the power of memory to generate reality, suggesting that memory, in all its inexactitude, might communicate