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China’s Dissident Artist Ai Weiwei to Exhibit at the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

MOSCOW.- The Fourth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art announced the participation of Ai Weiwei, the prominent Chinese dissident artist, who will exhibit his video, “Beijing: The Second Ring,’’ (2005). This artwork documents the two opposite views of traffic flow on the 33 bridges along Beijing’s Second Ring Road. The artist films each side (direction) of each bridge for 1 minute, which means 2 minutes for each bridge. The entire work is made of 66 segments (1 hour and 6 minutes). Whereas the artist’s “Beijing: The Third Ring’’ was shot on sunny days, the segments for this film were made on cloudy days. The act of recording is minimal, focusing on observation and the nature of time. The film documents Beijing’s historic aspects, its modern development and 13 million people, the mass transport, and urban reality. Ring roads are important urban transport elements in Beij