Chilean-born, Los Angeles-based artist Victor Castillo exhibits in New York at the Jonathan Levine Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Jonathan LeVine Gallery announces The Jungle, a series of new works by Chilean-born, Los Angeles-based artist Victor Castillo, in what is his debut solo exhibition in New York. The title of the show, The Jungle, came to the artist’s mind while working on the exhibition and seeing innumerable images in the media of global protests and violence. The artist feels the future is uncertain in these times; when all the power structures have lost credibility, and we are left with chaotic effects of self-interest. Consequently, this new body of work explores the “law of the jungle” and the age-old story that “man eats man.” In this exhibition, Castillo’s allegorical visions of the current socio-economic world crisis come in the form of spooky children’s tales. Through acrylic works on canvas and drawings on paper, his cast of masked, hollow-eyed children serve as a vehicle