Andy Hope presents his new series of "Medleys" at Hannover’s kestnergesellschaft


HANNOVER.- In the exhibition »Medley Tour by Andy Hope 1930«, from 24 February to 29 April 2012, the kestnergesellschaft is showing new paintings by Andy Hope 1930 (*1963 in Munich, lives in Berlin) in combination with a selection of work from the past four years. Phantoms, superheroes, time machines and “suprematist ghosts” populate the kestnergesellschaft for eight weeks, giving a current overview of Hope’s work. The self-adopted name of Andy Hope 1930 points to two systems of reference that are important to the artist: Hope associates the year 1930 with both the rise of the comic to a mass medium, or the birth of the superhero, and a premature abandonment of suprematism and Russian constructivism, which Hope revitalizes and continues. In Hope’s art various elements from both systems are related and contrasted to further historical and pop-cultural