Cheshire’s Vanished Age at Bonhams, Tunicliffe’s Evocation of Time Gone By


LONDON.- A series of signed and numbered etchings of Cheshire life in the early part of the 20th century by the Macclesfield born artist Charles Tunnicliffe are for sale at Bonhams Prints sale in London on 22 September. Tunnicliffe is internationally known as a bird and wildlife artist and his love of nature shines through these works. Many of them are thought to have been executed in the late 1920s while he was living in London and studying at the Royal College of Arts’ Etching and Engraving School before he moved back to Macclesfield in 1928. The subjects of the etchings range from a lively rendering of the hustle and bustle of the Macclesfield Horse Show to a sweeping, almost lyrical, view of a Cheshire Plain to countrymen going about their occupations – a sheep doctor, a singing ploughman, hay carters, wheat balers, a farmer and his wife tending a new born calf and a fine image of