Cheim & Read Presents Exhibition of New Works by Collaborative Artists McDermott & McGough


NEW YORK, NY.- Cheim & Read presents an exhibition of new work by the collaborative artists McDermott & McGough. Their previous show with Cheim & Read was in 2008. David McDermott and Peter McGough (born 1952 and 1958), are known for their creative appropriation of different historical eras and styles. Faithful to the subjects and techniques of their chosen period, the duo’s multi-disciplinary work questions the nature of perception, identity, gender and narrative. Memory and nostalgia play strong roles, subtly subverted by an aura of artificiality and the artists’ sly reconstruction of the past. McDermott & McGough’s recent work has looked to cultural tableaus of 1950s and 60s Americana, culling imagery from advertisements, movies and movie stars, comic books and paperback novels. Their current exhibition continues this theme, referencing imagery from 1940s – early 1950s advertisements, geared mostly towards women and