Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire Presents 10 New Artists and Photographers


PARIS.- Following on from an initial commission awarded to Jannis Kounellis in 2008, it is now the turn of Sarkis to offer the Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire some exceptional work, with financing from the Centre Region. This will happen in two stages: 40 panes of stained glass designed and installed in 2011 and 32 in 2012. So, 72 creative works in all that light up and transform some of the Château’s apartments, which have been long abandoned, but which are to be specially opened up to visitors. On view from April 8 through November 3, 2011. Just like an imaginative museum of the artist, these panes of stained-glass reveal fundamental images of life and death, love and architecture, “mental windows” which are both fascinating and unusual, playing with the memory of the place itself, the world’s memory and the artist’s own memory. A wide variety of scenes are represented, such as a cherry tree in