Charles Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Science Reopens After $9 Million Renovation


BOSTON (AP).- The skyline of Boston shrinks away and before long is replaced by the blue-green orb that is planet Earth. As Earth itself moves into the rearview mirror, the moon appears, gray and foreboding, but it, too, quickly recedes into a tiny pinpoint of light. Soon visitors to the newly-renovated Charles Hayden Planetarium are leaving the solar system on their virtual spaceship, traveling at faster-than-light speeds in search of other planets in the Milky Way. And they are doing it, of course, without ever leaving their seats. The 52-year-old planetarium at Boston’s Museum of Science has staked its future on the success of a $9 million facelift the museum hopes will instill in a new generation a sense of awe for the beauty of the cosmos and the mysteries it holds. After